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Fishing Tampa Bay

Mid Summer Tampa Fishing Charter Report

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Summertime Fishing Tampa Bay

Fishing Tampa Bay during the summer can be a challenge due to extremely hot days and daily thunder showers.  However, with a little planning and proper timing fishing can be productive.   Bait can be difficult to find and catch so getting out pre-sunrise is a must to secure a bait well full of pilchards.  Fishing early morning with artificial baits has produced some decent sized fish.  However, the bigger fish are feeding predominantly on live pilchards or cut bait cast deep into the mangroves. With water temps being in the high 80’s, most of the fish are sitting in the mangroves giving them shade and cover.  

Lots of Snook in the Late Afternoon

Snook have been eager to feed early in the morning and later in the afternoon. Our Tampa Bay charters have been catching lots of snook late afternoon roaming the grass flats but still remaining close to their cover.   During the heat of the day, I fish live and cut baits around and under residential docks.  As the sun begins to set, I start casting out to the grassy area near the edges of the potholes.  By fishing the mangrove forests early morning and moving to the deeper water areas as the day gets hotter, I cover a lot of area and increase my chances of a trophy sized hook up.  In the late afternoon, the snook are moving onto the deeper grass flats to get ready for nightfall.  Bigger snook are mostly nocturnal and prefer the cover of dark to hunt. 

Redfish on the Oyster Bars

Redfish have schooled up into smaller schools of ten or so  and have been easy to find one day and almost impossible the next.  Time and effort are required this time of year when fishing Tampa Bay for redfish.  A good starting point is submerged oyster bars and under the mangroves.  They are eager to take a live pilchard but not willing to chase it down too far so accurate casting and chumming with stunned pilchards is a must.  You will also find some nice sized redfish roaming the grass flats in the morning.  The best tactic for these solo fish is to use a large chunk of cut bait soaked on the bottom.

Mornings are Best for Spotted Sea Trout

We are catching good sized spotted sea trout early morning on live pilchards and shrimp.  Look for deeper grass flats of six feet or more with lots of sandy potholes.  Trout like to hide in the grass and ambush baits as the venture out of their hiding places.  Topwater lures early morning are also a great way to catch some good sized trout just after the sun comes up.

Nearshore Action is Hot

For nearshore action Spanish mackerel and mangrove snapper are abundant in the bay and easy to catch.  50 plus fish days are the norm when fishing mackerel.  The bait of choice is scaled sardines free-lined on a long shank hook.  Snapper are all over the artificial reefs in the bay and a limit of these tasty fish can be caught with either live shrimp or small pilchards fished on the bottom.

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Fishing Forecast

Water temperatures are high right now and fishing during the heat of the day can be slow. Water will cool slightly once our daily thundershowers begin.

Snook fishing will remain strong throughout the early summer. Fishing for reds will only get better. The larger sea trout will eventually head for their summer hiding places in deeper water.

Mangrove snapper will be the easiest catch of the summer with limits of fish easily caught within an hour or so of fishing.

Remember to stay hydrated and get off the water before the thundershowers kick up. Summer fishing can be very productive fishing early morning and early evening.

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