Tampa Bay Sharks

tampa bay

Tampa Bay has an Abundance of Sharks

Tampa Bay is the third most populated body of water for shark population and home to about a dozen species.  It is a shark nursery and they migrate here in the spring to fatten up and in the summer they lay their eggs or give birth to their pups.  Tampa Bay Fishing Guide Captain Sean Goddard targets these specie in the summer and fall.  Practicing strict catch and release to preserve and protect the species.  It is important to always remember that conservation of top line predators such as sharks directly relates to preservation of all other species in the estuary. Because they grow slowly, and have a slow reproductive rate, sharks are particularly vulnerable to overfishing.

Tampa Bay is an important nursery for sharks. Bull sharks, give birth near the mouths of rivers,  blacktip sharks Have their pups in old Tampa Bay. Bonnetheads are found on the grass flats all over the bay area; hammerheads and bull sharks patrol deeper waters near passes and channels. Where you find abundant food sources you will find the sharks.

Education is Key

Educating people about the role sharks play in our oceans and bays is part of what Captain Goddard is passionate about.  The belief that most if not all sharks are man-eaters is simply just a myth.  Sharks prefer a diet of fish, sea mammals and occasionally other sharks.  The majority of attacks on people are simply a case of mistaken identity or being in the wrong place at the right time.  Dawn and dusk are the most active time for feeding although sharks will feed during the day.  Use good judgement while wade fishing or swimming keep in mind that a stringer of fish or dead bait is like ringing a dinner bell for the beautiful animals.  Sharks should be respected and revered never feared.

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