Snook The Rock Stars of Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay Snook

The Rock Stars of Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay Inshore Fishing Charter Captain Sean Goddard refers to Tampa Bay Snook as the rock stars of our fishery.  They are one of the most sought after game fish in the Tampa Bay area.  Snook fishing in Tampa Bay is an amazing experience. People from all over come to take a shot at this tough fighting game fish.  Snook is a species  fished year round with the best time being the spring, summer, and fall.

Tampa Bay Snook are tough fighters known for an amazing strike with a very pronounced thump felt on the line, blistering fast runs, acrobatic leaps and a very hard pull on the line.  There is no mistaken that feeling of a nervous scaled sardine skittering around under the surface followed by a loud pop and thump as the fish inhales your bait.

Typically the larger fish will make a very strong first run to cover far from where it took your bait.  This is the critical time that will decide if you are going to land or lose your fish.  Big Snook are not easy to turn and know what structure to use to get loose.  In open water high jumps, head shakes and bursts of speed will be the tactics they use to get free.   Snook have razor-sharp gill plates and sandpaper like jaws that they use to cut the line.  They will use every tool in their arsenal to free themselves.  Snook get big because they are smart.  Chances are you are not the first person to have hooked them.

Handle Tampa Bay Snook with Care

Once boat side handle them with care.  When you remove them from the water grab the lower jaw and with your other hand support their belly.  Lifting a bigger fish from the jaw can separate a membrane that connects their head to the spine and although the fish swims off it will later die.  Snook are great table fare.  Captain Goddard does allow the harvesting of Tampa Bay Snook when in season and of the right size but tries to promote catch and release of these beautiful fish.  The Tampa Bay area is about as far north as they go and populations are subject to kill off from winter freezes as well as over fishing.

Snook fishing in Tampa Bay is an incredible experience full of excitement.  Contact Captain Sean Goddard to book  your Tampa Bay inshore fishing charter and take a chance at a trophy fish.

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